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CSR at BifrostConnect

We work effortlessly towards a greener future,
where equality and opportunity for all is our focus.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

BifrostConnect works for a strong value proposition and a steady economic growth of the company by developing innovative solutions to support green transition, enhanced safety, improved training efficiency and operational reliability in civil and military aviation and the wind industry. BifrostConnect promotes attractive job positions based on Danish standards and agreements encouraging gender equality, religious and ethnicity diversity. It is the ambition to develop a strong and sustainable “zero waste” local and regional production platform with a continuous focus on its use of resources in the production as well as in all other parts of the company including its subcontractors.

Gender equality in employment

BifrostConnect contributes toward this goal by encouraging gender equality, religious and ethnicity diversity through its recruitment process to recruit the best and most qualified candidates.

Decent and competitive employment of all employees

BifrostConnect promotes sustainable economic growth, and productive employment of all staff on market conditions according to Danish Standards and agreements. BifrostConnect provides fair working conditions for all of its employees.

Innovative development of specialised high-tech solutions

BifrostConnect develops specialised remote access technology to support the green transition of remote work.

Active participation in local society by establishing sustainable employment

BifrostConnect promotes a local and regional dynamic and sustainable value contributing production.

Sustainable and green production

BifrostConnect has the ambition to produce all its technological solutions sustainable and with a minimal use of resources.

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