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Customer Solution Engineer

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Are you an experienced IT supporter, technical engineer, or network infrastructure guru?

BifrostConnect is searching for a Customer Solution Engineer who can provide first-class support and information to current and future customers.

What we do at BifrostConnect

Our objective is to enable quick, secure, and easy servicing of equipment for both small companies and large corporations.

When a system crashes, every minute waiting for IT support is expensive. And if it’s a specialized system, at a remote location, or there’s no local network connection – traditional remote access solutions will not work.

BifrostConnect is a game-changing solution that opens a fast, secure connection to IT equipment, medical devices, laboratory equipment, datacenter, production equipment – everything:

Plug it in anywhere, any time, and bridge the gap to all types of equipment

What we want to achieve

We are on a journey to transform the way companies deal with their support of physical equipment. We want to create an excellent place to work on this journey, with benefits such as paid gym, great lunches, social events, travels, and more. We want to reduce global CO2 emissions by reducing business travel and unproductive tours. And finally, we want to counter the downtime of critical devices and, at the same time, increase efficiency and profitability for our customers.

Your role in BifrostConnect

You will be responsible for providing first-class support of our product to end-users and you will rely on your background in IT support/infrastructure to help customers apply the BifrostConnect properly, but also sometimes propose new ideas on how to get the most out of the solution.

In addition, you will handle the internal IT support.

Your competencies

We expect you to feel comfortable working independently, but at the same, you are used to talking to people, and you take pride in providing an exceptional level of customer service.

Required skills

  • At least 2-3 years of professional IT experience from an IT support/service position in either a consultancy company or inside a medium to large company
  • You have great knowledge about hardware troubleshooting, and you have probably taken a computer apart a few times
  • Effective problem-solving skills and you love to dig into new information and share knowledge
  • Strong oral and written communication skills (Danish and English)
  • Well organized
  • You have deep knowledge of Windows and Mac

Preferred skills

  • You know your way around servers and network equipment (maybe even providing service to a Datacenter)
  • You have knowledge of, or have already administered Office 365 (Exchange and SharePoint)
  • Linux experience will be a plus

What we expect

Actively propose new ideas on how to get the most out of our solution and be part of the team.

About us

A renowned group of business angels backs us, and we expect a full-blown international commercial launch within six months. Our Danish headquarter is located at Islands Brygge (close to the Metro station), our Portuguese business developer lives in Lisbon, and our Italian business developer lives in Rome. We’ve grown more than 53% in 2021 and have secured more than 30million DKK in investments.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number 30110791

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