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Let’s create remote together

Are you an experienced Full stack developer who can participate in implementing our web-based solutions in our first-of-its-kind hardware-based Remote Access Bridge?

What we do at BifrostConnect

Our objective is to enable quick and easy equipment servicing for small companies and large corporations. When a system crashes, every minute waiting for IT support is expensive. And if it’s a specialized system, at a remote location, or there’s no local network connection – traditional remote access solutions will not work.

BifrostConnect is a game-changing solution that opens a fast, secure connection to your IT equipment, medical devices, laboratory equipment, datacenter, production equipment – everything: Plug it in anywhere, any time, and bridge the gap to any device

What we want to achieve

We are on a journey to transform the way companies deal with their support of physical equipment. We want to create an excellent place to work on this journey, with benefits such as paid gym, great lunches, social events, travels, etc. We want to reduce global CO2 emissions by reducing business travel and unproductive tours. And finally, we want to counter the downtime of critical devices and, at the same time, increase efficiency and profitability.

Your role in BifrostConnect

You will lead the design, development, testing, and maintenance of our current and future features.

Your competencies

We expect you to feel comfortable working independently and keep a good overview of your tasks and their progress. You must be quality-oriented to deliver stable solutions for our web-based services.

Required skills

  • Experience going through a complete development cycle. (From idea to deployment)
  • Experience deploying javascript based solutions
  • Experience writing test
  • Experience with NodeJS
  • Experience with a reactive framework (Vue, React, Angular or similar)
    • Experience with React is a plus.
  • Experience with databases (Preferably SQL)
  • Experience with git

Preferred skills

  • Experience with Typescript
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with Protobuf or similar serialization
  • Experience with webRTC

What we expect

Actively propose new ideas on how to get the most out of our solution and be part of the team.

About us

A renowned group of business angels backs us, and we expect a full-blown international commercial launch within six months. Our Danish headquarter is located at Islands Brygge (close to the Metro station), our Portuguese business developer lives in Lisbon, and our Italian business developer lives in Rome. We’ve grown more than 53% in 2021 and have secured more than 30million DKK in investments.

Do not hold back – if you have any questions, reach out to Leon Nagel at or Benjamin Stanfeld at

How to apply

Send your application and resume marked; “Full Stack.”



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Request a demo, and we will let you control our systems, and teach you how to bridge the gap to any device!