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BifrostConnect attends FutureScape 2022

Navigating the crosswinds in a Digital-First World

The conditions imposed by social and economic disruptions experienced in the area of Health continue to accelerate digital transformation processes and bring the sector closer to its final digital destination.

Although the world has embraced an economy centered on the “digital-first” concept, the economic and business outlook for the next three years will remain somewhat uncertain. In fact, a set of disruptive and complex social, macroeconomic, microeconomic, and technological currents are rapidly overlapping each other, creating more difficult scenarios that business and technology leaders will have to overcome.

At IDC FutureScape 2022 we will present the main forecasts that will shape the technology industry in 2022 and the next five years, and analyze the impact of these forecasts on the ability of companies and organizations to grow and compete in an increasingly digital economy.

IDC FutureScape reports are used for strategy definition and IT planning in organizations. They present a basic structure for evaluating IT initiatives regarding their value to business areas now and in the future. IDC FutureScapes are a set of forecasts that identify the areas where CIOs and technology professionals will have to develop in the next five years. Each forecast is evaluated based on its complexity, impact on the organization, and deadline for the expected overall adoption.

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