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Meet the inventor

Benjamin is the inventor and founder of BifrostConnect. He is an entrepreneur to his fingertips and self-taught when there was no immediate solution to a problem.

Today, Benjamin is Chief Product Owner, meaning he has full responsibility for the product, the services, and technology. He runs a team of top-notch experts and consultants on the different technologies and solutions, making sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

You will often see Benjamin at product demonstrations and especially tricky machinery, as his desire to meet with customers offering him technological challenges and teach about the technology, often draws in him.

Meet our CEO

Søren our CEO, joined in December 2020. He has held positions in Adobe, SiteImprove, Delogue, IBM, and Sitecore to name a few. He has a keen eye on technology and makes people collaborate around the technology.

Today, he has full responsibility for making sure our company runs efficiently and with “full steam ahead”. His previous experience ensures our journey towards global expansion is less troublesome and with the right people at the right time.

You will often find Søren at shows, traveling, speaking to employees, customers, potential partners, and technicians – simply to listen and put together all the right pieces before making decisions.

Meet our CFO

Mikkel co-founded the company together with Benjamin back in 2018 and now works as COO and CFO. He is our go-to guy for organizational troubleshooting, spending, and operational effectiveness.

He has held positions in FL Group, Ernst and Young, Tryghedsgruppen, and worked independently for years within finance, investment, and real estate.

You will often find Mikkel at meetings with our partners, asking all the right questions to contracts and terms, or at the office making sure everybody and everything is running at its optimum.

Meet our Sales director

Lasse became a co-founder of the company shortly after Mikkel and Benjamin began back in 2018.  His unique talent for process innovation and engineering background made him the perfect candidate for the role. He can quickly determine decision flows and create the structure around the entire sales process.

He has held positions at Saphety, GS1, IBM, AirShip One, Specifii, and Weibel Scientific, with a constant focus on product explaining and improving processes.

You will not find Lasse in the office; he is out and about at shows, customer meetings, and performing training sessions for our business developers.

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