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The team behind Sitecore* has come together for the first time since 1998 with a combined investment of 15 million DKK in a new potential Danish unicorn. The company BifrostConnect released the new unique solution in December 2020 with the former CEO of Sitecore Michael Seifert, as co-developer. BifrostConnect has launched a patented hardware-solution into a market without any competitors and with a great global potential. Together with investments from the danish “Vækstfonden” and “Innovationsfonden” the owners secure capital investments of more than 30 million DKK.

Imagine, that you can control and manage all types of IT systems remotely with a small pocketsize box, as securely and with the same possibilities, as if the technician was in front of the equipment. This is the product the founders at BifrostConnect have developed.

“The solution is relevant for all types of industries – and the demand is profound from businesses with several geographical support locations. Especially where critical it-systems must be maintained and serviced. It is a genius idea, the use cases are there, it is patented and scalable. This constitutes the best conditions for creating a new danish unicorn. I believe BifrostConnect has a greater global potential than Sitecore,” says Michael Seifert, co-founder and former CEO of Sitecore.

“We are really honored and thrilled that the team behind Sitecore* believes so much in our product, that they have teamed-up and invested in us. Michael Seifert has even been in on product development and in the making of our patents. This investment provides the financial foundation we need to hire new employees locally and globally, and allows us to strengthen our marketing and sales activities,” says Søren Bak Jepsen, CEO of BifrostConnect.

The technology BifrostConnect has developed, is not competing with commonly used remote access software or VPN solutions, where the technician get access to a company

network, using credentials. Because this is a hardware solution, connected to only one piece of equipment that can be kept offline, we elevate the overall security level. This is relevant for all companies needing to always keep critical systems offline – even when need of urgent 3rd party or internal support.

Saves 50 percent on support visits

 “When we invented the solution, it was hard to believe that it didn´t exist already, because it is so useful and simple. It is a gift for organizations with systems, that needs to be serviced on many locations. Companies can save more than 50 percent on their field visits – this is a lot of time saved travelling, which the technicians can use solving more tasks each day”, says Søren Bak Jepsen, CEO of BifrostConnect.

The hardware is an extended arm on the location for the technician, regardless of the distance. The BifrostConnect Solution works in near real-time ensuring a great customer experience.

It all began with a dream

“It literally began with a dream, which have now become a reality. For many years I worked in big corporations, where I did a lot of onsite tasks, which I should have been able to do from the office or home. I questioned if it was necessary to travel so much to service it-systems on different locations – as it felt like a waste of time and unnecessary C02 pollution. One night I dreamt of a psychical remote access solution and wrote it down on a piece of paper. When I woke up, the idea was still brilliant”. Says Benjamin Stanfeld, founder of BifrostConnect.

The business was founded in 2018 by Benjamin Stanfeld and Mikkel Skovgaard. After two prototypes had been developed and tested, the product was launched onto the Danish marked in December 2020, and since in Portugal and Italy. In addition to global companies in the danish OMXC25 index, BifrostConnect can count significant companies such as Atea Denmark, Agilent Technologies, which makes electronical and bioanalytic equipment for measurement at hospitals and laboratories all over the world, together with HCLs Financial Services Division in the Nordic, among its first costumers.

The Strategy

“The demand from big enterprise customers have been incredible for a company such as ours. We have succeeded, in such a short amount of time, to close deals with renowned customers in the OMXC25 index, which feels amazing. The investment will be used on getting a solid grip on markets that are near to us.” Says Søren Bak Jepsen, CEO of BifrostConnect.

To maximize the output and create volume sales, the strategy will initially focus on large partnerships with IT-service providers in Denmark and abroad. A strategy BifrostConnect is realizing.

“Our plan is to reach a series A-investment next year. The product has without doubt the potential – now it is all about realizing it.” Says Søren Bak Jepsen, CEO of BifrostConnect.

The founders of Sitecore (danish unicorn evaluated at +1 billion EUR) and main investors have come together to invest in BifrostConnect, consists of Michael Seifert, Peter W. Christensen, Thomas Kirk Albert, Jakob Christensen, Lars Fløe Nielsen, Stig Hølledig and Bjarne Hansen.

About BifrostConnect

BifrostConnect has developed the first genuine hardware solution for remote access control in the world. With one single device on the location the technician establishes access to critical it-systems, anywhere in the world – easy, secure, and intuitively. BifrostConnect was founded in 2018 with their primary office in Copenhagen and established sales offices in Rome and Lisbon in the beginning of 2021.

BifrostConnect has 15 employees and expects to have 20 at the end of 2021. All together BifrostConnect has received a capital investment of more than 30 million DKK from private investors, “Vækstfonden” and “Innovationsfonden”.

For more questions, please contact:

Søren Bak Jepsen, CEO at BifrostConnect
+45 22 31 72 12

Benjamin Stanfeld, Founder of BifrostConnect
+45 30 11 07 91

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