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BifrostConnect at advanced production sites

Reduce downtime
and improve business operations

Operational Technology (OT) equipment is typically installed without remote access or connected to a network. BifrostConnect mitigates the operational impact caused by downtime by improving your operational continuity.

  • View and analyze logs
  • Assist in software installations and calibration
  • Access service mode

Reduce on-site visits
and improve profitability

BifrostConnect takes service level agreements to the next level – internal and external – by escalating first-time support, enabling smoother installations, and handling complex upgrades while keeping equipment offline.

  • Reduce on-site visits
  • Reduce downtime and “Time to Fix”
  • Work on multiple locations throughout the day
  • Improve SLA performance

The problem

On Friday morning, the CNC machine at a factory malfunctioned. In this production facility, the CNC machine supplies processed materials to other parts of the production line. As the CNC machines have stopped, the production assembly line has halted to a standstill until the problem gets fixed.

The error code is unknown to the machine operator, the help guide is too technical to understand, and the in-house IT support is unavailable.

The machine operator calls the CNC machine supplier as he wishes to use the service agreement for remote support. As he talks to the support department, the production manager, team leaders, and others constantly ask for feedback on the situation to plan for changes.

The suppliers’ support personnel ask the operator to do a series of checks and inspections of the equipment before proceeding. Several safety measures must be in place before safely operating the machine directly from the built-in console. Due to these safety, security, and complexity concerns, the build-in console isn’t allowed on the internet, and the operator must talk to the support staff over the phone.

During the following hours, the operator and support staff troubleshoot the problem. Language barriers, the inability to identify symbols and locations on the console, problems reading the output and understanding technical terms result in a problem-filled and stressful troubleshooting session.

The technical support team, identify the problem as a series of broken sensors, which need replacing. Quickly the spare parts are ordered.

However, as the troubleshooting session has taken hours to complete, the warehouse cannot process the order on the same day. The order ships Monday and arrives at the customer’s facility Tuesday.

An alternative solution to remote access

The BifrostConnect unit could have alleviated the situation.

As opposed to troubleshooting the CNC machine on behalf of the external support team via directions on the phone, the operator simply informs the support staff about the “gotobifrost” service online.

When the operator begins the recovery process and calls for external support, the BifrostConnect unit connects to the CNC console. BifrostConnect enables the service provider, the factory, or a third-party service provider to create a secure and instant bridge to the equipment display functions. Our patented solution creates a duplicate image of the console and control features and allows direct operations on the machine.

Simply by using a web browser, the support team connects directly to the CNC console over a 4G connection. The operator can now work securely on the machine and informs the operator to wait a few minutes while he diagnoses the error. Meanwhile, the operator can calmly notify the production manager, team leaders, and others about the error and when they can expect updates.

Within a few minutes, the support team diagnoses the errors, as they have full access to all parameters and expert functions directly on the console. The spare parts are ordered, packed by the warehouse, and shipped the very same day.

Implications caused by the current solution

  • Operation shutdown
  • Loss of profit
  • Increased stress and irritation
  • Misinformation due to lack of information

With BifrostConnect as the solution

  • Reduce on-site visits
  • Reduce downtime and “Time to Fix”
  • Work on multiple locations throughout the day
  • Improve SLA performance

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