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BifrostConnect and the Food and Biotechnology industry.


In September 2021, we resolved an issue of one of our (now) customers production site. They had a machine, which had been broken for 3 days, a Thermo Fisher Scientific diagnostics device, which held back production output. Due to COVID-19, their normal service technicians was unable to travel to Denmark from the UK, as they would sit in quarantine. Hence, numerous attempt had been made, trying to fix the problem over the phone. The device, is positioned in a cleanroom, where the equipment is not allowed to have network access, due to possible infections and malware, which could result in errors in the production.


  1. Since it is on a closed network, a Remote Access software isn’t possible, and the support needs an on-site Technician flown in.
  2. Plug in a BifrostConnect


Option number 1, was not an option as there was no time to wait.

Option number 2, Our founder, Benjamin, arrived with a BifrostConnect and plugged it in to the HDMI and USB port of the computer, controlling the Thermo Fisher Scientific device. The technician, sitting in the UK, was provided with the websitelink, and a One Time Password. The technician was given a 2minutes instruction. The Uk technician could now, control, fix and diagnose the computer and hardware, without any potential backdoors left open for unwanted intruders. All we had to do was:

Make contact to the expert of the equipment. On the broken equipment, find an I/O port and connect the BifrostConnect to it (see all the options here)

  1. Power on the BifrostConnect Unit either via cords or use the build-in battery.
  2. Choose from local WIFI, LAN or 4G.
  3. Provide the technician with the browser address Https://
  4. A one time password appear on the unit, deliver this to the technician
  5. The Technician solves the problem and you can now unplug the unit

If you can see on the screen of the broken equipment, the technician can too. He is now able to diagnose, repair, calibrate, restart and reboot the equipment as if he was in front.

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