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BifrostConnect in CleanTech industries


Throughout the entire CleanTech industry, CO2 reduction is the number 1 priority for all companies. Either through improved production methods, reduction of waste and chemicals, less energy consumption or other means. Common to them all however, is their universal need for support functions in order to operate efficiently and have the best possible offset for their strategy and mission – to reduce their CO2 footprint.

The problem for many of these companies then, is their dependency on external assistance and expertise, or themselves having to be on-site for their own products, which they have produced and are installing globally. The travel required to build, setup, and not the least, calibrate delicate equipment is far more than needed, and should also be a scenario which should be considered in the overall strategy to reduce CO2.


There is a number of ways to go about solving the problem of the equipment or calibrating it.

  1. Using on-site resources
  2. Use existing service level agreements with the provider of the equipment
  3. Using a BifrostConnect


Option 1: When the equipments needs calibration or installation, an internal IT expert is called, or the person with the most experience working on the machine. If this require on-site ressources, from someone whom is not an expert, there is a very good chance that the troubleshooting and calibration will take longer than necessary, have direct access through company networks, require expensive KVM setups or others. Using non-expert resources to fix an issue with newly developed equipment is rarely a good idea.

Option 2: The decision comes to calling for a service technician or the OEM. They will try to connect to the equipment remotely via software solutions, piercing the company’s infrastructure – which isn’t typically allowed in modern secure companies – or try to explain and ask for more information through the phone. A result is often, that the technician is required to appear on-site. Within hours or days, the technician is at the company, ready to diagnose the equipment, calibrate it or otherwise try to fix it. With a good chance, of having to order parts needed.

Option 3: We propose a different solution. Make contact to the expert of the equipment. On the broken equipment, find an I/O port and connect the BifrostConnect to it (see all the options here)

  1. Power on the BifrostConnect Unit either via cords or use the build-in battery.
  2. Choose from local WIFI, LAN or 4G.
  3. Provide the technician with the browser address Https://
  4. A one time password appear on the unit, deliver this to the technician
  5. The Technician solves the problem and you can now unplug the unit

If you can see on the screen of the broken equipment, the technician can too. He is now able to diagnose, repair, calibrate, restart and reboot the equipment as if he was in front.

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