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BifrostConnect and the construction industry


When constructing buildings, offices, smart homes etc. there is a lot of need for technical expertise. A specialised elevator or floor heating system needs external IT-support to be implemented in the construction of a home.


Normally the construction site waits for the specialised technicians to arrive, a process which often results in stand stills at the construction site. Therefore very costly and time-consuming.


By having a BifrostConnect at the construction site, every little and big problem regarding IT, can be solved using the BifrostConnect with its secure link, which can function as a Remote Access, with boot or bios access.

Make contact to the expert of the equipment. On the broken equipment, find an I/O port and connect the BifrostConnect to it (see all the options here)

  1. Power on the BifrostConnect Unit either via cords or use the build-in battery.
  2. Choose from local WIFI, LAN or 4G.
  3. Provide the technician with the browser address Https://
  4. A one time password appear on the unit, deliver this to the technician
  5. The Technician solves the problem and you can now unplug the unit

If you can see on the screen of the broken equipment, the technician can too. He is now able to diagnose, repair, calibrate, restart and reboot the equipment as if he was in front.

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Business Development Manager
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Business Development Manager
The Nordics

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