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Modern energy solutions require secure and steady remote access, the BifrostConnect Solution.


The PC/IOT/TURBINE at a Hydropower plant, requires service any time. This service could be urgent and very important for the energy production. The service must happen quickly otherwise it could end up being costly or maybe even dangerous.


The time it takes to get a specific Technician to do an on-site service could be long and therefor worsen the situation. Due to the often-high security levels at such sites, a Remote Access software isn’t possible due to the danger of having intruders using the potential backdoors that the software unfortunately supplies.


The BifrostConnect which can access, BIOS etc. is therefore the right solution since it is a hardware secure link, which has the needed functions such as Remote Access and Remote Maintenance it is possible for the personal on-site to connect the BifrostConnect for an extern specialist to do the needed support.

Very easy for everyone to use due to it being a Plug and Play solution. By doing the needed support with the BifrostConnect Solution it is a cheaper, eco-friendlier, and faster way of solving the problem.

  1. Unpack the BifrostConnect Unit
  2. Power on the BifrostConnect Unit either via cords or the battery.
  3. Make sure it is connected to the local WIFI , LAN or 4G.
  4. Connect the BifrostConnect Unit to the remote device that needs service.
  5. Deliver the OTP.
  6. The Technician connects to the remote device via
  7. The Technician solves the problem.
  8. Unplug the BifrostConnect Unit and end the session

The BifrostConnect solves the problem, without compromising security and at the same time doing it time sufficient. From now on an BifrostConnect could be located at any location which has a risk of needing urgent support.

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