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Maritime and Offshore IT-problems can be handled with the BifrostConnect remote access solution.


When your IT equipment, pumps, drilling machines, controllers or programmable devices are offshore, they are inaccessible in its nature. A Remote access solution may be running on one of the computers, controlling all the equipment, however, it relies on the equipment being available and running – and ALWAYS ONLINE.  A device goes offline and needs service; therefore, a remote access software isn’t accessible.


Many IT-problems require external help. The headquarters sometimes tries to provide this help by phone. When they finally conclude that, they can’t solve the problem themselves, they get a hold on a technician.


At the moment, you get a Technician flown in, who solves the problem. This is a very expensive and time-consuming process. There is transportation time and housing costs etc. Instead of doing this, the BifrostConnect remote access solution can bridge the gap between the remote device and the off-site technician.

Very easy for everyone to use due to it being a Plug and Play solution. The BifrostConnect Solution it is a cheaper, eco-friendlier, and faster way of solving the problem than any other alternative.

  1. Power on the BifrostConnect Unit either via cords or the battery.
  2. Connect the BifrostConnect Unit to the local WIFI, LAN or 4G.
  3. Plug-in the BifrostConnect Unit to the remote device that needs service.
  4. Deliver the OTP.
  5. The Technician connects to the remote device via
  6. The Technician solves the problem.
  7. Unplug the BifrostConnect Unit and end the session

The problem is solved, and this has been done with no need of getting a Technician flown in. The BifrostConnect gets integrated as a standard service tool, for rigs, ship etc.

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