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BifrostConnect for medical Industries

Reduce downtime
and improve business operations

Operational Technology (OT) equipment is typically installed without remote access or connected to a network. BifrostConnect mitigates the operational impact caused by downtime by improving your operational continuity.

  • View and analyze logs
  • Assist in software installations and calibration
  • Access service mode

Reduce on-site visits
and improve profitability

BifrostConnect takes service level agreements to the next level – internal and external – by escalating first-time support, enabling smoother installations, and handling complex upgrades while keeping equipment offline.

  • Reduce on-site visits
  • Reduce downtime and “Time to Fix”
  • Work on multiple locations throughout the day
  • Improve SLA performance

The problem

A new customer of ours had a problem for weeks. Early one morning, their Thermo Fisher Scientific equipment stopped working due to wear and tear. The equipment is a vital part of their production line, and the malfunction results in a halt in the entire product series.

The equipment is highly customized and not connected to the internet due to the nature of the product.

To resolve the issue, the operator calls internal IT support, and since the service provider as it was impossible to resolve internally. Despite several phone conversations, the external service provider cannot resolve the issue as he desperately needs to see the console to diagnose the problem correctly. Internal IT cannot allow a separate connection directly to the equipment due to the risk of malware or installing Remote Desktop Software on the equipment. They are unaware of warranty implications or, even worse, unwanted changes in the equipment settings.

The service provider decides to send the equipment expert from London to visit the site in Denmark.

However, due to COVID19, there is a dispute about who will pay for the quarantine period in Denmark when entering. The decision to get an expert to Denmark is halted until the legal department settles the dispute or allows the extra budget to fix the production equipment.

The overall cost of production downtime far surpasses the cost of keeping a person in a hotel quarantine at this point. However, to avoid legal complications or compensation later, they need to address the issue.

The company and service provider is unable to resolve the problem quickly. During the standstill, the company meets BifrostConnect at DiaLabExpo in Copenhagen, a fair specializing in medical and diagnostics equipment.

An alternative solution to remote access

At the fair, BifrostConnect and the company engage in a dialogue about their current pressing issue. Our sales team quickly identifies the issues of security and IT concerns and offers to resolve the issue onsite to demonstrate our capabilities.

The head of the production invited us to visit the facility the very next day. Internal IT quickly said “OK” to our solution as the BifrostConnect unit; it cannot transfer files, comes with its own 4G connection (and won’t be connected to the corporate network), and finally provides instant access and control of the console.

Benjamin, our Chief product Owner, and founder arrived the very next day. He connected the BifrostConnect to the unit with an HDMI and USB cable (video and keyboard). He then told the service provider stationed in London to access and enter the One Time Password displayed on the Bifrost unit.

After a 2minute introduction, the service provider began controlling, diagnosing, and troubleshooting the Thermo Fisher Scientific equipment from London. In less than 1 hour, they analyzed and corrected the error with onsite tools and spare parts.

Benjamin disconnected the BifrostConnect unit, ended the session with the expert in London – he also left the unit with the customer.

Implications caused by the current solution

  • Operation shutdown
  • Loss of profit
  • Increased stress and irritation
  • Misinformation due to lack of information

With BifrostConnect as the solution

  • Reduce on-site visits
  • Reduce downtime and “Time to Fix”
  • Work on multiple locations throughout the day
  • Improve SLA performance
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