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Many IT problems regarding Robotics and Drones can be solved remotely and secure with BifrostConnect Solution.


When Robotics and Drones are built, they are made out of a lot of complex technical components, which only a very specific group of specialists can repair and service. If the robot in a laboratory suddenly goes offline or breaks down, it needs a Technician to get it up and running again.


A Remote Access software solution isn’t possible since it is offline. The normal procedure would be to send it to an IT-department somewhere or get a Technician on-site.


With a BifrostConnect, you can reach the robot even though it is offline and do the necessary secure link with the functions as Remote Access, and remote repair. This is quicker and less expensive. The BifrostConnect helps getting the lab robot up and running extremely quick compared to getting a Technician flown in, which is normally done in the Drones and Robots industry.

It is a plug and play solution and therefore easy to use for everyone. The result of doing the IT support with BifrostConnect’s remote access solution instead of an on-site Technician, is a cheaper, eco-friendlier and faster way of solving the problem.

  1. Unpack the BifrostConnect Unit
  2. Power on the BifrostConnect Unit either via cords or the battery.
  3. Make sure it is connected to the local WIFI, LAN or 4G.
  4. Connect the BifrostConnect Unit to the remote device that needs service.
  5. Deliver the OTP.
  6. The Technician connects to the remote device via
  7. The Technician solves the problem.
  8. Unplug the BifrostConnect Unit and end the session

The BifrostConnect, is a great tool to get the laboratory robot up and running online from a remote access. This has saved time, money and CO2. The BifrostConnect will from now on be an important repair tool, at the labs and the robots which can experience IT-problems.

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