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Service, retail and hotels

Reduce downtime
and improve business operations

Operational Technology (OT) equipment is typically installed without remote access or connected to a network. BifrostConnect mitigates the operational impact caused by downtime by improving your operational continuity.

  • View and analyze logs
  • Assist in software installations and calibration
  • Access service mode

Reduce on-site visits
and improve profitability

BifrostConnect takes service level agreements to the next level – internal and external – by escalating first-time support, enabling smoother installations, and handling complex upgrades while keeping equipment offline.

  • Reduce on-site visits and save cost
  • Reduce downtime and “Time to Fix”
  • Work on multiple locations throughout the day
  • Improve SLA performance

The problem

Imagine you are responsible for check-ins at a hotel, working at the register in a retail shop, or serving people a wonderful dinner at a restaurant. Everything is working, and you have a queue of guests eagerly waiting their turn to be greeted and get into their room, receive their goods or food at their table.

Let’s describe three reasonably common things that go wrong in each of these scenarios:

  • You kindly ask your guest for their details at the check-in counter and start entering them into the property management system (PMS). When processing your client’s credit card, the PMS stops working, and the screen goes black. From here on, the situation gets worse. The queue extends, you are unable to process guests, unable to provide room keys, unable to create bookings in the restaurant for tonight, and the list continues.
  • You enter all the goods into the Point of Sales (POS) system, fill the table with goods, and pack all of them neatly into a bag. When the customer is ready to pay, the POS system stops working, and the screen freezes. From here on, the situations worsen. Ques are starting to pile up, and customers leave the shop as they cannot pay and receive their goods.
  • Your customer thoroughly enjoyed a great dinner, had a bottle of wine, extra dessert, and is ready to pay. As the terminal is handed to the customer, it loses the internet connection, and you cannot process any payments. From here on, the situation gets worse. As the customer cannot pay, they must leave valuables behind while they go and find an ATM or arrive late at their next appointment and the service experience starts to decrease, which reflects poorly on the restaurant.

Equal for all the above is the need for external IT Support. It should be instant, trouble-free, and with minimal interference from on-site staff, as irritated customers will increasingly occupy them.

However, the experience is that un-educated staff must participate to the best of their abilities. Business operations and continuity suffer greatly, as the staff is away from the core business, servicing and acting as in-between IT Support to the IT Supporter on the phone.

An alternative solution to remote access

As the queue increases, the staff must make quick decisions on what to do next. Usually, a manual override process goes into effect as soon as the primary equipment breaks down. The process is initiated to accept payments and receive guests.

BifrostConnect provides the ability to implement an entirely new protocol for these situations. Let the service staff focus on the guests and clients and let the IT Supporter concentrate on the IT problems.

When the receptionist, cashier, or waiter experienced the issue, they should simply call IT Support and plug in a BifrostConnect. While the staff addresses their customers, IT Support can work directly on the connected equipment, solve the problem, and let the staff continue their work.

  • There is no need for on-site support
  • No need for on-site staff to act as intermediary IT Supporter to troubleshoot
  • Maintain excellent service towards customers

Based on their Service Level Agreement and requirements and capabilities of the staff on-site, they can choose from 2 versions. If you have more experienced staff or equipment which requires third-party access, we offer a solution with One Time Password, where the IT Supporter operates in one session at a time. Or a solution with two-factor authentication for sites with inexperienced staff, where the IT Supporter can log in remotely once the equipment is connected.

Implications caused by the current solution

  • Operation shutdown
  • Loss of profit
  • Increased stress and irritation
  • Misinformation due to lack of information

With BifrostConnect as the solution

  • Reduce on-site visits
  • Reduce downtime and “Time to Fix”
  • Work on multiple locations throughout the day
  • Improve SLA performance

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