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Maintenance can be difficult on the road.


Maintenance of the IT-systems on trucks needs to be done. Perhaps a yearly check is needed for the IT-systems to run as smoothly as possible. A yearly on-site and time-consuming process, which a BifrostConnect solution could change.


Maintenance is in the transportation industry normally done by having sites across the country where trucks will be checked and the IT-systems can be updated or repaired. The maintenance takes precious potential driving time.


Instead of wasting the precious time, each truck can have a BifrostConnect unit laying in the glovebox. The unit only needs an online Technician ready to do the service that otherwise would have been on-site. By doing this, the BifrostConnect Solution establishes a secure bridge which supports Remote Access, for the PC/BIOS/BOOTS/Radio to be reached, and supported. A support which can be done doing sleeping hours, or when it does not compromise the drivers from doing their job.

It is a Plug and play solution and therefore easy to use for everyone. By doing the needed support with the BifrostConnect Solution it is a cheaper, eco-friendlier, and faster way of solving the problem.

  1. Unpack the BifrostConnect Unit
  2. Power on the BifrostConnect Unit either via cords or the battery.
  3. Make sure it is connected to the local WIFI , LAN or 4G.
  4. Connect the BifrostConnect Unit to the remote device that needs service.
  5. Deliver the OTP.
  6. The Technician connects to the remote device via
  7. The Technician solves the problem.
  8. Unplug the BifrostConnect Unit and end the session

BifrostConnect has now helped with the maintenance, as an integrated tool for every truck. By having the BifrostConnect as an integrated part of the truck it can also be used for emergency IT-problems that may happen doing driving.

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