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Remote access as it should be

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Expand the reach of your IT and OT professionals

Scaling organizations is a tough job for modern leaders. Either you’re juggling with the constant lack of qualified talent or trying to solve the eternal budget puzzle.
Sending support personnel on the road does not align with efficiency targets, CO2 quotes, or the bottom line.

With Zero Trust Access, you can reduce the need for on-site travel while increasing your valued expert’s freedom to solve their tasks from the comfort of their chair.
You’ll expand your company’s market reach while saving valuable resources and prolonging the life of the technology across the organization.

The result? Satisfied customers, happy employees, and healthy profits.

Discover How You Can Establish Zero Trust Access to Your Equipment

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How do you want to authenticate?

The BifrostConnect solutions comes in two variations.

While the core of the solution remains the same, the principles governing the security, trust, and authentication are different by nature and therefore cater to distinct use cases:

  • Attended Access utilizes Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) technology generated by a physical press on the Bifrost Unit. This ensures that the on-site personnel permanently authorizes the technician.
  • Unattended Access is accessed via our BifrostConnect Manager. By default, the Manager implements Multi-factor authentication where the user verifies its identity via a separate mobile application. This process does not require any involvement of an on-site person.

Both solution variations can be combined with SAML integration which enables IT organizations to integrate the respective solution with their desired Identity and Access Management tool (IAM).

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