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We have just released our firmware 4.0 with improved features.

  • Touch Screen emulation” mouse control.
    The Bifrost will now feel like most other Software based remote access with the mouse control.
    Just click on the item you want, instead of moving the remote cursor.

Note: The feature is in beta and will be improved regularly and you have to enable it in “Options” in the interface.
Should work well even with high latency. Try it out!

  • KVM switch ability. You can now switch Between USB-C and HDMI/USB in the interface,
    which enables you to connect 2 computers at a time, and switch between them in the interface
  • A much more intuitive “List” based Menu system on the BifrostConnect display.
    Press 3 times to access/exit, and 1 time to move, and 2 clicks to toggle setting.

Other changes in 4.0 include:

  • WIFI bugs fixed (dropping connection)
  • General bugfixes
  • Security updates
  • Menu option for “Forcing only 4G connection”
    (WIFI and Ethernet access will be disabled, only POE charging enabled)
  • New “loading” graphics on Display

If the features does not appear on your interface, please clear your cache for the Gotobifrost interface and it should appear.
Also you can update firmware from the BifrostConnect device menu and/or the Gotobifrost interface when the “ New firmware update” pops up.

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