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Bifrost Firmware Release Note

The following release note provides information about new features and updates included in the release stated below of the BifrostConnect firmware.

Release Version

Bifrost Firmware V.4.3.1

Release Date


Resolved Issues

This section contains the improvements and fixes to known issues from the previous firmware version


  • Optimizes several resource allocations.
  • Improves the video driver, so supported resolutions are handled more consistently.


  • Plugging in a USB device such as a USB to rs232 device before boot might cause 4G to be misconfigured.
  • Improves the handling of ethernet configuration, making the experience of using ethernet more consistent.
  • Removes the option of selecting 3G connectivity from the menu.


  • The on-screen menu now updates info while navigating the menu.

Known bugs and limitations

  • Toggling the USB gadget while having an active rs232 connection, might cause a reboot of the Bifrost.
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