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Søren Andersen joining BifrostConnect

Happy holidays to all. We are starting off by telling you about Søren Andersen, our new Business Developer. He started in December 2021, but he has been running so fast, we only managed to shoot…

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Har større globalt potentiale end Sitecore

Har større globalt potentiale end Sitecore* Teamet bag Sitecore* er for første gang siden 1998 gået sammen om en fælles investering på 15 mio. kroner i en ny, dansk potentiel unicorn. Virksomheden BifrostConnect kom på…

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“Greater global potential than Sitecore”

The team behind Sitecore* has come together for the first time since 1998 with a combined investment of 15 million DKK in a new potential Danish unicorn. The company BifrostConnect released the new unique solution…

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External links and references

M Networks partners with BifrostConnect (in Danish) Glæd dig til den…

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