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BifrostConnect Support includes

Enterprise-grade support

Our subscription plans include enterprise-class phone support. We will help you deploy your first unit or troubleshoot global connection issues and other unforeseen emergencies related to your BifrostConnect Solution at no additional cost. BifrostConnect Support does not cover issues related to third-party solutions.

Support rooted in profound technical expertise

Our support team has profound expertise in enterprise IT and remote support solutions. Sitting alongside the engineers who build BifrostConnect, our Support Team has direct access to a wealth of expertise.

Support via BifrostConnect

The best support call is the one you don’t have to make. The BifrostConnect plug-and-play unit and intuitive user interface help dramatically reduce support incidents.

Customers who have invested in the BifrostConnect Manager can securely and quickly troubleshoot their BifrostConnect solution in real-time. Combined with a BifrostConnect certified 4G SIM card, customers can analyze and monitor unit usage.

If needed, our Support Team assist customers with troubleshooting via phone and email.


This section outlines the process by which the BifrostConnect Support Team coordinates and delivers its technical support responses to its customers.
All processes outlined throughout this section apply to all BifrostConnect variants.

General – Support Philosophy

Happy customers – that is our mission in the support team. We believe that the path to happy customers is found in the right balance between:


We base our support platform on the highest level of cyber security.

  • Goal: To protect our customer’s data, equipment, and infrastructure – always.
  • Challenge: BifrostConnect Support team cannot access the customer unit.


We place privacy and trust at the center of our solutions.

  • Goal: To ensure that sensitive information stays private.
  • Challenge: BifrostConnect Support Team cannot access encrypted sessions or data and rely on accurate customer feedback during investigations.


We strive to provide the highest quality and fastest possible support to our customers.

  • Goal: To identify and fix issues at the root of the problem.
  • Challenge: Product innovation foster both new opportunities and complexity.


We measure our success in customer satisfaction.

  • Internally, the BifrostConnect Support Team is evaluated on its customer satisfaction metrics and is responsible for delivering consistently measured customer satisfaction.
  • Externally, authorized partners are well supported during field installations and troubleshooting activities of BifrostConnect Solutions.

BifrostConnect Support Codex

  • All legitimate support requests are the responsibility of BifrostConnect Support Team until closure.
  • Unless discussed and agreed to by BifrostConnect, all customer support communication flows through the BifrostConnect Support Team.
    This ensures: – Proper case management and documentation
    – Proper follow-up is achieved throughout the case
    – Customer satisfaction is the responsibility of the BifrostConnect Support Team. If a case is reassigned to another resource, or an authorized reseller, the BifrostConnect Support Team reserves the right to expect a timely response from that party or the BifrostConnect Support Team may intervene to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hours of Operation

BifrostConnect Support Team operates 8-17 (CET or CEST) out of our support center based in Copenhagen. Customers may open support cases with the purchase of any BifrostConnect subscription and can contact the BifrostConnect Support Team by phone or email.

BifrostConnect Partners (i.e., service providers and resellers etc.) who offer fully managed services using BifrostConnect Units likewise may open support cases and interact directly with the BifrostConnect Support Team. End-customers (i.e., workers at a production facility) connecting BifrostConnect to on-site equipment supported or provided by a BifrostConnect Partner will contact the help desk for that partner.

  • Non-emergency support cases opened via email will usually be answered within one business day.
  • Emergency support is offered exclusively via telephone to ensure that BifrostConnect engineers can conduct appropriate troubleshooting and technical response.

Case Escalations

If a case cannot be immediately resolved, the BifrostConnect Support Team will escalate that case to appropriate engineering personnel within Support, Product, and Sales Engineering according to the following schedule and priorities. Generally, escalations are major issues that require notification and/or intervention by key portions of the company to ensure timely issue resolution.

Priority Levels

Priority 1 Major Impact: The BifrostConnect Solution is inoperable, or the performance of the solution is so severely reduced that customers cannot reasonably continue to operate the solution because of the error and the error cannot be circumvented with a workaround.

Priority 2 Moderate Impact: The BifrostConnect Solution’s performance is significantly degraded such that the customer’s use of the solution as permitted is materially impaired, but the error can be circumvented with a workaround.

Priority 3 Minor Impact: The customer is experiencing a performance, operational, or functional error that can be circumvented with a workaround and the error causes only minimal impact to the customer’s ability to use the BifrostConnect Solution as authorized.

Priority 4 General Questions: There is no issue with the BifrostConnect Solution performance or operation. These include standard questions on solution configuration or functionality, solution enhancement requests, or documentation clarification.

BifrostConnect Support will trigger case escalations as necessary by priority level to ensure timely resolution of all cases.

Escalation Triggers – A case may be escalated based on any of the following criteria:

  • Recommendation by BifrostConnect Support Team including
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Management
  • Response time: failure to provide response or resolution within reasonable timeframes may generate an escalation.
  • Issue severity: system outage automatically generates an escalation. Other severe product issues may generate an escalation at the discretion of BifrostConnect personnel listed above.
  • Customer satisfaction related matters: failure to fully satisfy the customer may generate a case escalation

Warranty: Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

To comply with best practices, all RMA requests should only be processed after a technical support case has been opened and proper troubleshooting has taken place.

All BifrostConnect Units come with either a one-year or lifetime warranty, as specified on the customer’s Sales Order.

  • Products covered by the lifetime warranty are eligible for advance replacement. Advance replacement orders will ship within 2 business days after RMA approval. After approval, BifrostConnect Support Team will email an RMA number and a return shipping label. Customers are obligated to ship defective units within 5 business days.
  • In the event a customer RMA request is approved under a one-year warranty, BifrostConnect Support Team will email an RMA number and a return shipping label. Any replacement unit will ship within five business days of receiving defective units as stock allows. If no defect is found, the RMA request will be rejected, and the customer will be notified.
  • All shipments must be labeled with the correct information provided by BifrostConnect Support Team.

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