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Comparison overview

Find out how we are different
from other solutions on the market. 

Other solutions are often purpose-built for specific industrial equipment.

BifrostConnect is a multipurpose solution and works on anything from high-end USB-C tablets to industrial cooling machines running legacy RS232/485 protocols.

Other solutions often require firm- or software installations before operating.

BifrostConnect just works out of the box, with no software installs or changes in settings on the equipment.

Other solutions often require complex configurations to adhere to network security privileges while keeping file transfers at a minimum.

BifrostConnect is developed with physical security features built-in, making sure your network stays protected with ease.

Other solutions are often developed for single-purpose or stationary applications.

BifrostConnect is battery- and AC-powered, and you can quickly move it around for troubleshooting multiple types of equipment







BifrostConnect Unattended 


KVM IP Switches 


Remote Access Software 

Purpose  – Built to support sessions by authorized, verified internal or external specialists.

– Sessions are terminated by onsite staff

– Built to support sessions by authorized internal or external technicians.

– The session does not require onsite staff interaction

– Built for managing multiple servers by internal IT staff – Built for managing PC or Servers
Compatibility – Supports all types of devices and IT equipment across Workplace, Industry equipment, and Critical infrastructure.

Supports; Mobile devices, Computers, IoT devices, POS, Robotics, and Network equipment through Terminal Access

– Built for accessing servers – Works with most computers Windows, Mac, or Linux
Access – Temporary access through BifrostConnect services

– No copy-paste or file transfers possible

– Permanent access through BifrostConnect services

– 6GB bootable USB storage with Bitlocker To Go support

– Requires a VPN to access outside network

– Built-in web server for accessing the remote console (newer models) or requires access through add-ons like Java or IE 11 (older versions)

– File transfers possible

– Requires a working and supported operating system,

– Requires software installs

– Requires network access

– Access through a Cloud service or through local IP

Authentication  – One-time password (on-site personnel required) – Multi-Factor
– Authentication is handled locally on the device – Authentication is handled through Cloud service or local directory
Device Management – Optional – Included – No device management – Device management is possible
Setup – Works out of the box – Works out of the box – Requires network configuration before it’s usable – Requires setup and installation on device beforehand
– RS232 Serial port, Relay port, HDMI Port, Micro USB port, SIM card tray, and USB C port) – Externally powered, Either VGA inputs or HDMI inputs or USB or PS/2 – N/A
Connectivity – Built-in LAN (PoE), WIFI, and 4G – LAN – N/A
Form Factor – Portable battery-powered (charged through USB-C, Micro-USB, and PoE) – For rack mount – N/A
Terminal Access – Yes      (SSH Client on Unattended) – No – No
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