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Technical specifications

Find all our technical
specifications below.


The BifrostConnect Solution consists of the following components:

  • BifrostConnect Unit: Compact remote-control unit which can receive video input and provide keyboard/mouse output through various cable connections, while also providing terminal-based access through the serial port.
  • BifrostConnectTM Services: Server software including a convenient web interface that enables browser-based remote access to a device connected to the BifrostConnect Unit.
BifrostConnect Unit from top
Video input (480p, 720p, 1080p)
USB-C Video input, keyboard/mouse output, and recharging
Micro-USB Recharging, keyboard/mouse output & RS232 emulation
Ethernet RJ45 port Network and POE capabilities
SPDT Relay output for ex. power cycling of equipment
RS232 port For use with equipment through a terminal session
Bluetooth  4.0
Battery Type Industrial RRC1120 (1S1P) UL2054 Certified
Battery Power 3.70V / 2000mAh / 7.4Wh
Power Consumption 9-watt Max
Battery usage About 2 hours
Connectivity Built-in LAN, WIFI, and 3G/4G
Operating Temperature

41 to 104 °F (5 to 40 °C)


Maximum 85% non-condensing relative humidity

Dimensions L-124mm W-87mm H-27mm
Weight 250 g
LCD Display 2” TFT
Connectivity Built-in LAN, WIFI, and 3G/4G
Classification Rating IP20
A technical drawing of the BifrostConnect Unit
Firmware PIL (Prevas Industrial Linux) upgradeable via OTA

BifrostConnectTM Auth BifrostConnectTM Bridge BifrostConnectTM Interface BifrostConnectTM Manager (*If included in the Sales Order)

Data Channel Encrypted WebRTC via MQTT
The BifrostConnect solution
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