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Explore use cases in each of our group verticals

A visual illustration of an IOT device


!! An IoT device requires new properties.
✔︎ Program directly by connecting to the GPIO pins

A visual illustration of Mobile devices

Mobile devices

!! A mobile device is unable to connect to the internet.
✔︎ Control & troubleshoot network connection

A visual illustration of a Server


!! A malware infected server has been taken offline
✔︎ Investigate and restore while disconnected

A visual illustration of Legacy operating systems

Legacy systems

!! A closed network device is running a legacy operating system
✔︎ Access and support the equipment without leaving a backdoor

A visual illustration of Multimedia devices

Multimedia devices

!! A multimedia system requires custom configuration
✔︎ Configure and program equipment from the distance

A visual illustration of a Firewall


!! A firewall requires out-of-the-box setup
✔︎ Assist on-site staff by configuring remotely

A visual illustration of a POS system


!! A POS system has stopped working
✔︎ Troubleshoot and reboot without worrying about file transfers

A visual illustration of a Printer

Industry printers

!! A network printer does not respond.
✔︎ Troubleshoot instantly via a dedicated printer

Closed Networks

!! A closed network access-point is not responding
✔︎ Troubleshoot & reboot without internet exposure

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Morten Bramsen

Business Development Manager
The Nordics

Lasse Irmer

Sales Director
Global Sales, OEM sales and partnerships, Support and service

Rita Lebre

Business Development Manager
Portugal, Spain

Malene Brandt

Business Development Manager
The Nordics
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