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No Software Installs
No Network Access Required
No Overprivileged 3rd Party Access

Connect With Your Equipment Like Never Before

As companies scale, incidents increase. Every business relies on its own specific IT/OT equipment. Systems break down, Cyber Threads intensify, and executive management is deeply focused on mitigating risks of mission-critical services. To scale better, the support teams need user-friendly tools to resolve remote issues quickly – without compromising security.

Whether you’re part of a global IT department or handle the SLAs in your service organization, BifrostConnect enables instant encrypted remote access to your critical IT equipment without the need for network access or the risk of exposing your IT equipment to the internet.

Your benefits:

Increase uptime
Higher SLA standards
Rapid incident management

Stay Remote Even When the Equipment is Offline



Set-up and configure new devices out of the box. No matter the location, BifrostConnects enables you to remote control your new equipment from the moment you turn it on for the first time.


Support & Maintenance

Support and service your devices with minimal friction for you end-user. Boost your response times and “Mean Time to Repair” ratios by providing instant hands-on capabilities for IT professionals


Incident Response

Contain, Sweep and Eradicate Cyber Threats ASAP. Get in front of the infected offline equipment immediately and establish a secure contained environment where you can analyze, respond, and recover the incident.

Unmatched Connectivity for High-Tech Environments

Zero Trust

Protect your local network and keep vulnerable systems offline. Grant IT Specialists seamless and secure access to critical IT equipment without ever placing them on the network or exposing the equipment to the internet.


Computers, network equipment, HMIs – you name it! Get instant remote access to any type of IT equipment even if it is offline, on a closed network, requires BIOS access during the boot process, or requires a terminal session via a serial connection.


Reduce risk by limiting over-privileged access to external IT specialists. Provide momentary access to authorized users without giving the remote operator any additional user rights beyond what is granted by the organizations internal IT administration or security policies


Provide instant hassle-free access without installing any software. Ensure easy instant access with a portable Plug and Play tool that is easy to connect and use for both technical and non-technical users – Simple, Portable, Plug and Play.

You Are Always On-Site

BifrostConnect is a Plug and Play remote access solution which provides the Remote Operator the same virtual capabilities as if being on-site:

  • Access your devices remotely even when they are offline or on a closed network
  • Troubleshoot or configure your devices remotely even from BIOS/UEFI (pre-OS launch)
  • Reboot devices remotely without losing your remote access connection

Zero Trust by design

From product to operations, security is an essential cornerstone in the foundation of the BifrostConnect organization. To ensure data privacy, all transmitted data is end-to-end encrypted, and no sensitive data is stored across our ecosystem.

The Bifrost Unit is designed as a secure console that safeguards the separation of the connected equipment, the customers’ network, and the internet. Regardless of whether the Unit is running via 4G, WiFi or LAN, the Bifrost Unit does not share its internet connection with the equipment.

When using the BifrostConnect Solution, the remote operator will not have any additional user rights beyond what is granted by the organization’s internal IT administration or security policies. Combined, this enables customers to ensure that external users never gain access to closed networks, unauthorized equipment, or unauthorized applications.

The result? A convenient solution that boosts cyber-security, reduces human errors and aligns with IT policies.

Reach All Your Devices Remotely

Providing remote access to your authorized IT specialists has never been easier. Simply connect the Bifrost Unit to your equipment and watch as the remote operator control your equipment as if they were in front of it.

BifrostConnect essentially behaves as if you connect a 2nd screen, keyboard, and mouse to any IT equipment you might have. Alternatively, you can establish terminal / console access via a serial connection.

The solution doesn’t require any installations and once connected and authenticated, the equipment is virtually transmitted into the hands of your trusted remote IT Specialist, within a matter of seconds.

  • Computers & Servers
  • Industrial PC’s, HMIs
  • TCP/IP based devices like PLC’s (Coming soon)
  • Mobile & tablets
  • Network equipment & firewalls
  • And many more…

How It Works

1. User connects BifrostConnect™ access unit to equipment

2. Technician authenticates via BifrostConnect™ web interface

3. Technician supports equipment as if on-site

4. User disconnects BifrostConnect™ Unit

How do you want to authenticate?

The BifrostConnect solutions come in two variations.

While the core of the solution remains the same, the principles governing the security, trust, and authentication are different by nature and therefore cater to different use cases:

  • Attended Access utilizes Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) technology generated by a physical press on the Bifrost Unit. This ensures that the on-site personnel permanently authorizes the technician.
  • Unattended Access is accessed via our BifrostConnect Manager. By default, the Manager implements Multi-factor authentication where the user verifies its identity via a separate mobile application. This process does not require any involvement of an on-site person.

Both solutions are deliverable with SAML Integration into the Identity and Access Management platform of your choice (IAM).

Your Manager, Your Rules

Take control with BifrostConnect Manager

The BifrostConnect Manager enables you to manage User Rights, Access Roles, Group Policies, and Features allowed on your individual Bifrost Units.
It is the backbone that ensures the scalability of your enterprise environment and provides a detailed overview of your usage statistics.

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Coming Soon!BifrostConnect IP Tunnel

Establish an Out-of-band private network between IT/OT equipment – without VPN tunneling – so your perimeter security can remain intact.

  • No Software installs
  • Restrict access to a single IP and Port
  • No overprivileged 3rd party access