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Connect with your equipment like never before

As companies scale, incidents increase. Every business relies on its own specific IT/OT equipment. Systems break down, Cyber Threads intensify, and executive management is deeply focused on mitigating risks of mission-critical services. To scale better, the support teams need tools to enable fast response times, fixing issues quickly – without complexity or compromising security.

Whether you’re part of a global IT department or handle the SLAs in your service organization, BifrostConnect provides you the tool to give you instant encrypted remote access to your critical IT equipment without the need for network access or the risk of exposing your IT equipment to the internet.

Your benefits:

Increase uptime
Higher SLA standards
Rapid incident management
Digital Solutions and Remote Desktop with BifrostConnect
BifrostConnnect Unit with display of bridging the gap

Your next generation remote access solution

Manage and control workplace, industry, or critical infrastructure IT equipment with BifrostConnect.

Computer or terminal access

Offline or secure network scenarios

With or without functioning Operation System (OS)

Basic Input Output System (BIOS)/Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) access from boot

Imagine unlimited access to equipment, that is not connected to the internet

BifrostConnect provides access to any human interface. Providing technicians, IT professionals, programmers and others, with direct, secure access from anywhere in the world.

network access required

Reach any type of IT equipment even if it is offline

No software installs
Plug and Play solution– no installation required

No overprivileged 3rd party access
Authorized users will only have access to the attached device rather than full network access

Grant Operators (Internal/External) temporary access to critical IT equipment without ever placing them on the network or exposing the IT equipment to the internet.

As a KVM solution, BifrostConnect utilizes basic I/O standards for communication between keyboards, mouses, video connections and serial connections.

Thus, BifrostConnect do not require any installations of drivers when connecting to devices that support these basic standards.

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