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I cannot login to the site

  1. If you do not have a login for, please contact us directly
  2. If nothing happens when you type in your login and password, your firewall might be blocking our login service. Please refer to the document “BifrostConnect service whitelisting” to remedy the problem

Gotobifrost stuck at “Video ready”

  1. Try to reset your Bifrost Unit to clear any changed settings. Use a pencil or the like, and hold the button “Reset” on the bottom of the device for 2 seconds.
    The screen will state “Resetting to factory default” and reboot
  2. Your firewall might be blocking the WebRTC traffic. Please refer to the document “BifrostConnect service whitelisting” to remedy the problem

No picture is showing, only a black screen

  1.  Check if the correct cables are being used. Use only high quality HDMI cables, or USB-C Gen 2 cables that can provide data and not only power.
  2. You can override the automatic switching of the video ports using the “Video Source” setting in the interface. Select either HDMI or USB-C
  3. Make sure that the computer/device connected to the Bifrost, can output video. You can always test this by connecting an external display to the device instead of the Bifrost

My device with USB-C does not work

  1. Some devices have USB-C ports which does not support any type of video output. Your device must have support for (Displayport Alternative mode) or the cable in use has to be atleast a  “USB-C Gen 2 cable”.
    If you are unsure about this, you are welcome to contact us and let us know what Make/Model your equipment is so we can verify if it works or not.

Why do I not see the same picture as on my computer/monitor

  1. You must always clone the screen of your device, so that it output the same picture to the Bifrost as well as the internal/external screen already connected. You can do this in the Display settings of your operating system. On Windows you can use the hotkey “WIN + P” to toggle between video modes
  2. If you have a laptop, you can normally close the lid to output the primary picture to the Bifrost.
    Beware of any standby settings that could put the computer to sleep when you close the lid.

The Bifrost does not show any picture outside the operating system (BIOS/UEFI)

  1. If you have a laptop and the Bifrost does not show any picture when starting up/restarting, you must close the lid (with a power source connected to the laptop) in order for the laptop to output anyhing to external displays (like the Bifrost) outside the operating system.
  2. If you have another external display connected, you can use a “splitter cable” to output the same thing to the external display and the Bifrost Unit.

How do I access the Bifrost Unit's Menu

  1. On the Bifrost Unit, there are extra settings for troubleshooting and diagnostics.
    You can access the menu/exit it by clicking the power button 3 times.
    One click will go down the list of menu options, two clicks is for entering a menu option or changing a setting.

Bifrost screen says "Waiting for network" and nothing happens

  1. This means that no network have been detected. Please connect the Bifrost to an Ethernet, or put in a 4G simcard.
  2. You can also manually connect to a WIFI (if you have no network at all) using a USB key with a WIFI SSID preconfigured. Please refer to the manual on how to enter and use this.

4G is not connecting properly

  1. If you are using your own Sim-card, some providers need to have an APN setting configured. You can either try with the standard APN setting “internet” in the Bifrost Menu under Cellular,
  2. Or you can enter your own APN setting using a USB key with a pre-configured config. Please refer to the manual on how to enter and use this.

Bifrost does not charge fast enough

  1. Some USB ports/devices does not provide enough power (usually 0.5A), please connect the Bifrost to a USB port/charger with at least 1A. You can power the Bifrost using POE (Ethernet), USB-C and/or USB-Micro.
    All ports can be connected at once, and the Bifrost will automatically select the source that provides most power.
  2. Check if the “Fast charge” setting is enabled in the interface or in the Bifrost Menu under “System”

What is the MAC/IP address of the Bifrost Unit

  1. Enter the Bifrost Unit’s menu and go into “network” and there you select which interface (LAN,WIFI, Cellular) that you need more information on

How can I reset the Bifrost Unit

  1. If you need to change the Bifrost back to factory settings, you can use a pencil or the like to hold ind the “Reset” button on the bottom of the device.
    This will clear any changed settings, preconfigured network options.

Contact our support team

Do not hesitate, we will be happy to solve your problem!

Call us at +45 70 60 20 56 and press “2” for Support
or send us an mail at

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