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Find your answer in our frequently asked questions below. 

What happens when you connect the Bifrost Unit to something?

1. When plugging a computer into the USB-Micro port, the Bifrost Unit acts as a keyboard/mouse, and also gets it’s internal battery charged
2. When plugging a computer to the HDMI port, the Bifrost Unit will stream whatever the device outputs
3. When plugging a computer into the USB-C port, The Bifrost Unit will stream video, act as a keyboard and mouse, and also charge the internal battery
4. When connecting network equipment to the USB-Micro port, it acts as a USB-Serial device for compatible devices (Like Cisco) for console access in a Terminal session
5. When using the RS232 port, Bifrost Unit can send and receive data from a compatible device in a Terminal session. The Bifrost Unit does not charge when using RS232, and separate charging is needed
6. When a LAN cable is attached to the Bifrost Unit, it will charge the internal battery over POE (if available) and have network capabilities for starting a session
7. When connecting a Bluetooth device to a Bifrost Unit, it will act as a keyboard and mouse

Does BifrostConnect log any keyboard strokes or mouse movements?

No. BifrostConnect does not log keystrokes or any kind of user-related data from the session

Is the data being sent/streamed through BifrostConnect encrypted?

Yes. BifrostConnect uses WebRTC with built-in end-to-end encryption using DTLS and SRTP

Will BifrostConnect work with all devices?

BifrostConnect works with all devices that can connect a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor, or communicate through an RS232 (or USB RS232 emulation)

Can I transfer files through BifrostConnect with the target device connected to the USB ports?

No, as a security measure, only keyboard and mouse emulation are supported on Attended Access. Unattended Access will get more features related to file transferring.

Does the equipment connected to BifrostConnect get internet access?

No BifrostConnect does not act as a modem or router for internet access to the equipment

Does BifrostConnect require a static IP?

No static IP is needed to access the Bifrost Unit. After the Bifrost Unit has access to the internet (over 4G, WIFI or DHCP LAN), it will automatically connect to our service.

How can you charge the BifrostConnect?

Use either a Micro-USB cable, a USB-C cable, or connect it to a POE compatible device

Can I use a KVM switch and just one BifrostConnect unit?

Yes. You can use 1 Bifrost Unit, connected to a KVM switch and manage and control multiple systems.

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