Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to our FAQ section! Here, you'll find a collection of the most frequently asked questions about our Bifrost solutions. Browse the topics to discover helpful insights, tips, and answers to enhance your experience and address your concerns.

No, the Bifrost Unit does not act as a modem or router for internet access to the equipment.

  1. When plugging a device into the USB-A port, the Bifrost Unit acts as a keyboard, and mouse, and charges the device.
  2. When using the HDMI port, BifrostConnect will stream whatever the computer outputs.
  3. When using the RS232 port, Bifrost Unit can send and receive data from a compatible device in a terminal session. 
  4. When plugged into the USB-C port, it will stream video, act as a keyboard and mouse, and also charge the Bifrost Unit.
  5. When connected to an endpoint or network via LAN, the Bifrost can be configured to establish a Zero Trust IP Tunnel.
  6. When connected to an internet source via LAN, the Bifrost Unit will get online.
  7. When a Bifrost Unit is connected to a device through Bluetooth, it can function as both a keyboard and a mouse.
NO. BifrostConnect does not log keystrokes or any user-related data from the session.
YES. BifrostConnect uses WebRTC with built-in end-to-end encryption using DTLS and SRTP.
The BifrostConnect Solution works with all devices that supports:
  1. KVM - Keyboard Video and Mouse.
  2. IP communication via LAN.
  3. Serial communication through an RS232 (or USB RS232 emulation).
  4. SSH via a Terminal. 


Bifrost KVM Access: NO. As a security measure, only keyboard and mouse emulation are supported during KVM Sessions.
Bifrost IP Tunnel: YES. Provided that the privileged
user has established the tunnel session with the necessary port configuration.
Bifrost Offline File Transfer: YES. Provided that the privileged user has enabled SFTP file transfer and defined secure credentials to access files on the Bifrost Unit via an SFTP client. 
NO. You don't require a Static IP to reach the Bifrost Unit. Once the unit is connected to the internet, it will automatically establish a connection with our service.
The Bifrost Unit can be charged using either a Micro-USB cable or a USB-C cable. Alternatively, it can be linked to a POE-compatible LAN for charging purposes.
YES. It is possible to manage and control multiple systems by connecting 1 Bifrost Unit to a KVM switch.