Attended Access

When you have people on-site who authorize, validate, and terminate the remote access sessions.

One-time Access on demand

At Attended Access, we use Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) technology that requires a physical press on the Bifrost Unit to generate a secure authorization code. This guarantees that only on-site personnel can authorize remote operators.

Step 1

Power on Bifrost Unit

Step 2

Connect to endpoint

Step 3

Generate TOTP

Step 4

Provide TOTP to Remote Operator

Choose Attended Access for On-Demand Authentication

Empower your outsourcing partners or third-party vendors to support your critical network infrastructure and increase service levels in no time.

Built for:

Your lifeline when problems strike

We've all been there, finishing an important task when disaster strikes – your IT equipment is failing. After raising a ticket, you finally get a call from the vendor's Service & Support department. But as you follow the phone instructions, they hardly match the chaos you're facing, and the foreign accent doesn't make it any easier. The clock is ticking; if only it were possible to use a remote access solution.

With Attended Access, you can stop acting the role of both the eyes and hands of a remote support technician. Now, you're in control, deciding when a technician receives one-time remote access to your equipment - including those out of reach to conventional solutions. Just plug in a Bifrost, sit back, and observe as the best-suited technician takes the helm, swiftly resolving the issue.

Your Benefits

You control who
You control who
Place your trusted IT supporter in front of your issue – instantly
You control when
You control when
Establish and terminate secure sessions on-demand with just a click of a button
You control what
You control what
Provide Plug and Play access to your devices without any installation or configuration
No, you no longer need to travel on-site

For external support teams, security policies create a lot of friction. Ever requested VPN or software-based remote access to resolve a system breakdown? If even allowed, the process slows you down and compromise IT-security.

Attended Access eliminates friction without compromising security. By enabling the on-site staff to grant secure one-time access on demand, you can get in front of the problem instantly without accessing the company’s network or exposing the faulty equipment to the internet. Now you’re freed up to focus on what really matters: solving the issue.

Your Benefits

Reach beyond software
Reach beyond software
Access equipment that supports KVM, IP or Serial communication
Reach beyond OS
Reach beyond OS
Take control of offline equipment even during restart and BIOS/UEFI
Reach beyond config
Reach beyond config
Set-up and configure new devices from the moment unbox it for the first time
The safest choice is Offline…

As your company expands, so do cyber threats. The number of devices connected to the web grows, partners and vendors frequently request new remote access solutions, and when faced with tight deadlines, your team might bypass established security protocols.

With Attended Access, you can mitigate these risks by detaching remote access from your corporate network. Grant temporary access through a dedicated 4G connection and watch problems get resolved without putting your equipment online.

You’ll save valuable time while raising security and convenience across your organization.

Your Benefits

Protect your network
Protect your network
Isolate your closed network from VPN and Remote Access applications
Protect your devices
Protect your devices
Establish secure Remote Access without software installations or internet exposure
Protect your users
Protect your users
Ensure data privacy with transitory end-to-end encrypted sessions
Expand the reach of your IT professionals

Scaling organizations is a tough job for modern leaders. Either you’re juggling with the constant lack of qualified talent or trying to solve the eternal budget puzzle. Sending support personnel on the road does not align with efficiency targets, CO2 quotes or the bottom line.

With Attended Access, you can reduce the need for on-site travel while increasing your valued expert’s freedom to solve their tasks from the comfort of their chair. You’ll expand your company’s market reach while saving valuable resources and prolonging the life of the technology across the organization.

The result? Satisfied customers, happy employees, and healthy profits.

Your Benefits

Optimize customer satisfaction
Optimize customer satisfaction
Reduce Mean Time to Repair ratios on jobs that usually requires on-site support
Optimize efficiency
Optimize efficiency
Introduce an easy tool that requires minimal training and scales across the organization
Optimize resources
Optimize resources
Improve environmental impact while saving time and money on on-site travel


Time-based One-Time Password

Authorize remote access to an internal or external technician with a click on your Bifrost Unit. Simply share the TOTP from the display and let the technician work until the job is done or you decide to terminate the session.

Touch-Screen Emulation

Choose how you like to operate the mouse on your device. Seamless toggle between a regular cursor or touch screen emulation for situations where you control touch screen interfaces or want to minimize the latency impact.


Execute universal or OS specific keyboard shortcuts on your devices remotely. Maintain your efficiency and on-site workflows by easily choosing your preferred keystrokes from a list of the most common shortcuts.

Terminal Sessions

Establish Terminal sessions whenever you need a remote console for command line-based operations. Control, configure and troubleshoot everything from network equipment to industrial applications and IoT devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Establish Bluetooth connection and emulate keyboard and mouse wirelessly between your equipment and the Bifrost Unit. Great for mobiles and tablets where the port doesn’t support other functions while providing screen output.

Multiple Video Inputs

Work on two devices simultaneously without leaving your live session. Connect your equipment via USB-C and HDMI to switch between your desired screen with a quick flick of a button.

Technical Specifications

We know you love a good specsheet


Case size
L-124mm W-87mm H-27mm

250 g

LCD Display
2” TFT

General info

Data channel
Encrypted WebRTC via MQTT

Industrial Linux with OTA updates

Humidity and temperature
Max. 85% non-condensing relative humidity
41 ̊-104 ̊F (5 ̊-40 ̊C)

Built-in LAN, WIFI, LTE (3G and 4G)


Video input, keyboard/mouse output and charging

Bluetooth 4.0
Keyboard/mouse input

Keyboard/mouse output and charging

Ethernet RJ45
Network (POE) and charging

Terminal session

Power relay

Video input up to 1080p @60Hz

SIM tray


Industrial RRC1120 (1S1P)

3.70V / 2,000mAh / 7.4Wh,
<2 hours battery operating time