Protect systems and patients against cyber threats and other incidents.

Remote Access as it should be

Secure, Connect and Drive Your Life Sciences & Healthcare Business

Allow your technicians, partners, and 3rd Party vendors to support and maintain your critical infrastructure immediately

Healthcare systems must be accessible and operational at all times. The life-saving potential of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) can hardly be overstated, and digital technologies will undoubtedly continue to drive improvements in healthcare in the future. However, pandemic-related trends and medical technology advancements have added complexity and created new security challenges. Cybercriminals have stolen patient data, corrupted operational networks, and rendered vaccination systems unusable. These crimes have disrupted patient care and delayed procedures.

So how do healthcare providers ensure that critical systems are accessible without exposing them to Cyber Threats?

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Upgrade your current infrastructure with Zero Trust connectivity

Whether you want to commission new medical devices, analyze data, or respond to and recover from issues, the BifrostConnect solution will give you complete access and control without introducing attack surfaces to your secure infrastructure.

Discover Your Benefits:

Boost Service & Support
Boost Service & Support

  • Avoid interrupting customers during support by gaining instant access to computers, IoMT, and network equipment even when they are offline.

  • Get in front of the problem immediately without accessing the customers’ network or exposing the faulty equipment to the internet.

  • Predict and prevent maintenance needs by analyzing and troubleshooting problems remotely.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing Mean Time to Respond and Recover while strengthening security levels and decreasing attack surfaces.

  • Help your Field Service Engineers on-site by providing an instant lifeline to any specialist back home.

Optimize Business Performance
Optimize Business Performance

  • Expand your market reach and productivity while reducing time and money spent on travel activities.

  • Elevate your after-sales offering by adding additional value to your Service Level Agreements.

  • Increase employee satisfaction by providing a tool that simplifies daily tasks and minimizes time spent away from the family when traveling.

  • Contribute to your corporate social responsibility by extending the life of your products and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with travel activities.

Improve Healthcare Efficiency
Improve Healthcare Efficiency

  • Ensure Business Continuity and Incident Management by enabling secure Out-of-band Remote Access on demand.

  • Allow your technicians, partners, and third-party vendors to immediately support and maintain your medical devices, easing the burden on non-technical staff during remote support sessions.

  • Reach legacy equipment securely by keeping it offline during remote access sessions.

  • Improve your commissioning procedure by enabling remote control and configuration of new equipment from the first time it is turned on.

Strengthen Cyber Security
Strengthen Cyber Security

  • Minimize attack surfaces by avoiding static Remote Access to systems on your secure network.

  • Make sure that mission-critical equipment is not exposed to the internet and that sensitive data is not exposed during Remote Access sessions.

  • Ensure that your Medical Devices are only accessible on demand and that multi-factor authentication is required.

  • Allow temporary access to authorized remote operators without granting additional user rights beyond those provided via the organization’s internal IT security policies.

Enhance Support & Maintenance
Enhance Support & Maintenance

  • Boost your Mean Time to Respond and Recover by providing instant hands-on capabilities to internal and third-party OT professionals.

  • Improve your technicians’ productivity while reducing time and money spent on travel activities.

  • Remotely access or reboot your faulty devices, even if they are offline or on a private network.

  • Remotely troubleshoot and configure your devices, even from BIOS/UEFI (pre-OS launch).

How it Works


How do you want to authenticate?

Secure third-party access or continuous connectivity – we've got your back.
Choose your preferred method of authentication

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Attended Access
When you have people on-site, who authorize, validate, and terminate the remote access sessions.

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Unattended Access
When you are already authorized to access the equipment remotely and/or when there is no on-site staff to establish the connection.

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