BifrostConnect Firmware V.4.8.0

BifrostConnect Firmware V.4.8.0

Bifrost Firmware Release Note

Release Version

BifrostConnect Firmware v4.8.0

Release Date

16 January 2024

New features

  • Support for Offline File Transfer
  • Support for more serial settings when using Serial Tunnel


  • Fixed situations where 4G had trouble connecting
  • Improved connection speed


  • Fixed issue where WiFi would lose connectivity after longer idle periods
  • Fixed issue where WiFi would not connect properly again when roaming between AP's
  • Fixed bug where unit had to be rebooted again after firmware update to reconnect to WiFi
  • Fixed issue where unit was scanning WiFi while WiFi was disabled


  • Fixed issue where Ethernet interface would restart while connected to 4G


  • Fixed rare issue where Bifrost unit freezes after longer idle periods


  • Improved UX on Bifrost unit when connecting to WiFi


  • Fixed issue where some information was not shown in web UI during high latency sessions
  • Fixed bug where IP address would not show up in web UI during tunnel sessions when unit was connected to 4G or WiFi
  • Security patches