BifrostConnect Firmware V.4.9.0

BifrostConnect Firmware V.4.9.0

Bifrost Firmware Release Note

Release Version

BifrostConnect Firmware v4.9.0

Release Date

07 May 2024

Product Release

New features

  • OTP TimeGuard: Ability to change OTP duration for Attended Bifrost Units remotely from Device Manager
  • Ability to restart Bifrost Unit remotely from Device Manager
  • Bifrost Unit automatically shuts down when battery level is less than 3%
  • Ability to enable Debug Mode on Bifrost Unit to improve troubleshooting


  • Fixed certain rare scenarios where 4G would not connect

Manager Updates

  • Improved UX for admin inspections of users and devices

  • Admin ability to reset user’s MFA

  • Admin ability to change usernames

  • Admin ability to modify user roles

  • Device-level audit logs now available

  • Expanded search capabilities in audit log and session history beyond last 30 entries

  • Admin capability to reboot units

  • Admin option to enable Debug Mode


  • UI improvement: Attended Bifrost Units now show time left for active OTP
  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Security fixes
  • Performance improvements

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