Easy. Safe. Versatile.

Whether you need KVM, Terminal, or IP-based access, the BifrostConnect Solution allows you to reach any device Out-of-band without exposing any endpoints to the Internet.

Remote Access as it should be

Remote Access
Remote Access
any equipment
sessions securely
with Zero Trust
through Audit Logging

All-in-one Access.
Across all devices.

Establish immediate, encrypted remote access to any IT equipment without network exposure or the risk of exposing your endpoints to the Internet.


  • Commissioning
  • Field Service
  • Support
  • Operations

  • Engineering Projects
  • Data Extraction
  • Endpoint Updates
  • Incident Response

Explore our most popular tools

Zero software installs. Zero internet exposure. Zero networks compromised.

IP Tunnel
Create a Zero Trust network without VPN Tunneling or exposing any endpoints to the Internet.
KVM Access
Gain physical control and process data On-Premise without exposing any endpoints to the Internet.

It’s NOT a Box.
It’s a Bridge.

In Nordic mythology, Bifrost is the name of the bridge between the world of the gods and the world of us humans.

Today, Bifrost is a highly secure remote access solution that bridges the gap between the connected equipment and your IT Specialist, regardless of the distance between them. Designed and manufactured in Scandinavia, BifrostConnect is built on nordic values of innovation, quality, and trust.

How do you want to authenticate?

Secure third-party access or continuous connectivity – we've got your back.
Choose your preferred method of authentication

Attended Access
When you have people on-site, who authorize, validate, and terminate the remote access sessions.

Unattended Access
When you are already authorized to access the equipment remotely and/or when there is no on-site staff to establish the connection.

BifrostConnect Zero Trust principles

Grant access on a "need-to-know" basis, based on granular policies, without needing a VPN or remote access software.

Isolated Application Access:
Reduce attack surfaces by isolating application access from network access. This approach only grants endpoint and application access to authorized users, preventing lateral movement.
Inside-Out Connections:
The connections from the Bifrost Unit to the user make the endpoints and network infrastructure invisible to unauthorized users. IP addresses are never exposed to unauthorized users or the internet, making the network inaccessible.
Just-in-Time Access:
Grant hyper-focused access to specific endpoints and applications on a one-to-one basis, minimizing risk and maintaining security. Apply granular policies at Bifrost Unit and user levels, ensuring only authorized users can access.

A Unified Zero Trust Access Platform

Together as a suite, the BifrostConnect Solution gives you unmatched flexibility in tailoring your Zero Trust Access and scaling up any existing setup.

Zero Trust


Plug and Play

Your Manager, Your Rules

Take control with BifrostConnect Manager.
Access Management

Ensure hyper-focused access to endpoints and applications by applying Granular policies at the application and user level and least-privileged access to internal and third-party users.

Mission Control

Establish end-to-end encrypted KVM, Terminal, or Tunnel access to authorized endpoints on demand.

Audit Log

Monitor and document activities across your organization. Streamline your reporting with an extended audit trail that integrates directly with your preferred SIEM solution.

Patented technology

Our patented technology helps eliminate human error and saves time and money while simplifying your transition to Zero Trust.

Enjoy instant connectivity and the highest level of security without worrying about vulnerable third-party access or static IP addresses. Eliminate attack surfaces in your critical infrastructure and ensure business continuity in your operations.